Curriculum Vitae

Jul 2009-

Education Alliance Lead, relations, consulting and sales to Swiss higher education (universities, universities of applied sciences, C.E.R.N., EPFL, ETHZ), Microsoft Switzerland

-Jun 2009–

Lead Academic Relations & Programs
National and international project and relationship management, public relations with media and politicians, consulting for IT services
Microsoft Switzerland

Jul–Dec 2005

Post doctorate with a focus on national and international project management
Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, University of Bern, Switzerland

Jun 2005

Dissertation examination for a doctorate of philosophy in Computer Science (PhD)


Doctorate in Computer Science on „Distributed  Architecture for Laboratory-Based E-Learning“ and national and international project management
Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, University of Bern, Switzerland

Jan 2000

Diploma examination in biology with specializing in biochemistry (Master of Sciences)


Thesis (licentiate/masters) in biochemistry on „Generation and Characterization of Artificial Cell Surface Constructs for the Study of T-Cells Response to Drugs“
 Institute for Immunology and Allergology, University of Bern, Switzerland


Studies in biology with specialization in biochemistry
University of Bern, Switzerland


Physics major with minors in mathematics and astronomy
University of Bern, Switzerland

Sep 1994

Federal maturity Type D


Maturity Type D (modern languages)
Feusi Gymnasium, Bern, Switzerland

Mar 1989

Final vocational examinations as an electrician


Vocational training as an electrician




Own Doctorate

  • Marc-Alain Steinemann:
    Distributed Architectures for Laboratory-Based E-Learning,
    June 2005
    HTML, DOC (book), PDF (book), DOC (web), PDF (web)
  • Also published as a book:

    Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1595263711
    Hardcover: ISBN-13: 978-1595265494

Own Diploma Thesis

  • Marc-Alain Steinemann:
    Generation and Characterization of Artificial Surface Constructs for Studying T-Cell Responses to Drugs,


  • Stefan Zimmerli, Marc-Alain Steinemann and Torsten Braun:
    Resource Management Portal for Laboratories Using Real Devices on the Internet,
    Computer Communications Review Vol. 33 Issue 3, pp. 145-151, ISSN 0146-4833, July 2003.
  • Torsten Braun and Marc-Alain Steinemann:
    The Virtual Internet and Telecommunications Laboratory of Switzerland,
    ACM SIGCOMM 2003, August 25-29, 2003, Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • Torsten Braun, Marc-Alain Steinemann and Attila Weyland:
    VITELS - An e-Learning Course on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems,
    SWITCH journal 2/2003, p32-35.
  • Marc-Alain Steinemann, Thomas Spreng, Aljoscha Bachmayer, Torsten Braun, Christoph Graf. Martin Guggisberg:
    Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure: Portal Architecture and Prototype Implementation,
    Technical Report, IAM-03-012, December 2003
  • Marc-Alain Steinemann, Attila Weyland, Jacques Viens, Torsten Braun:
    VITELS, Didactics and Design Guide Version 1,
    Technical Report, IAM-03-002, April 2003
  • Marc-Alain Steinemann and Torsten Braun:
    Remote versus Traditional Learning in a Computer Networks Laboratory,
    Communications and Computer Networks (CCN 2002), Cambridge, USA, November 4-6, 2002, ISBN 0-88986-329-6, pp. 503-507
  • Marc-Alain Steinemann and Stefan Zimmerli and Thomas Jampen and Torsten Braun:
    Global Architecture and Partial Prototype Implementation for Enhanced Remote Courses
    Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE 2002), Cancun, Mexico, May 20-22, 2002, ISBN 0-88986-332-6, pp. 441-446
  • Marc-Alain Steinemann and Thomas Jampen and Stefan Zimmerli and Torsten Braun:
    Didactical Issues of a Remote Network Laboratory,
    4th International Conference on New Educational Environments (ICNEE 02), Lugano, May 8-11, 2002, ISBN 3-0345-0031-9, pp. 1.2/39-41
  • Marc-Alain Steinemann and Thomas Jampen and Stefan Zimmerli and Torsten Braun:
    Architectural Issues of a Remote Network Laboratory,
    Networked Learning 2002 (NL 2002), Berlin, May 1-4,
    2002, ISBN 3-906454-31-2, CD-ROM
  • Marc-Alain Steinemann, Torsten Braun, Marc Danzeisen, Manuel Günter:
    Virtual Private Networks,
    Wiley Encyclopedia of Telecommunications,
    2002, ISBN 0-471-36972-1

Supervised Diploma Theses

  • Thomas Spreng:
    Authentication and Authorization for Mobile Internet Users,
    February 2006
  • Calogero Butera:
    Accounting and Information Exchange Services on a Resource Management Portal,
    May 2004
  • Christine Rosenbgerger:
    Theory and Hands-on Exercises for E-Learning on Distributed Systems,
    January 2004
  • Stefan Zimmerli:
    Internetportal für Computernetze-Praktika,
    January 2003
  • Thomas Jampen:
    Authentication, Authorization and Resource Reservation for Distributed Laboratories,
    June 2002